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‘s Avengers Endgame trailer gave the primary take a look at the surviving superheroes within the post-Snap global. Alternatively, there’s one thing in particular extraordinary concerning the shot of Thor. The Asgardian King is proven sitting ahead in civilian garments and having a look in particular unhappy. However in contrast to his opposite numbers, is he in truth imprisoned?

Because the shot begins there’s what looks as if the outer rim of a pitcher penitentiary. As noticed via EMPIRE, the trend of the wall at the back of Thor appears in particular prison-like.

No doubt, there’s a few causes Hemsworth’s god might be robbed of his freedom.

At first, having solid Stormbreaker – a brand new weapon to kill Thanos with – he failed to prevent the Mad Titan from snapping his hands and murdering part the universe.

Having hit Thanos within the chest, so he may communicate to him and rub in his revenge whilst he died, Thanos stated: “You must’ve long past for the pinnacle.”

With this in thoughts, in all probability Thor is being punished for his failure.

Alternatively, a much more likely possibility is that once the Snap global governments are understandably cautious of extraterrestrial beings.

This is able to provide an explanation for an incarceration for Thor, and may probably imply the similar for Rocket Raccoon – the one surviving Avenger.

However with Ant-Guy again, possibly he’s going to spring them out of penitentiary. In spite of everything, he’s used to his heists.

Within the Endgame trailer realize, he’s arrived within the truck that has the Quantum Realm gadget within the again noticed within the Ant-Guy and the Wasp mid-credits scene.

Obviously, Ant-Guy and the Quantum Realm are key in Avengers Endgame, and with time vortexes it looks as if the survivors will time trip and accumulate the Infinity Stones from earlier MCU motion pictures.

A scene ahead of Ant-Guy’s look within the trailer presentations Captain The us dressed in his Wintry weather Soldier dress, whilst aboard a boat. May just this be Hank Pym’s Quantum Realm automobile?

Avengers Endgame might be launched on April 26, 2019.

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