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A current NPR story about Mormon funeral potatoes described the dish and the way it got here to be. It is a casserole that is served at funeral luncheons but additionally at different occasions casseroles are known as for like holidays, potlucks and Sunday dinner — each time there’s going to be a crowd.

This casserole falls squarely within the class of consolation meals that may quickly make you’re feeling higher throughout tough occasions. In fact, consolation meals are additionally the stuff of celebrations. New child? Carry that household a casserole. New neighbors? Carry them a pie. Celebrating retirement? Carry out the trays of baked ziti.

These dishes are often not the healthiest, however there are methods to chop a number of the fats and energy whereas including some extra nutritious substances. These 5 recipes are for conventional consolation meals, however they’ve all been tweaked to be a bit extra nutritious.

Ziti to feed a crowd. (Picture: Annie/flickr)

Baked ziti: Simpler to assemble and cheaper to make than a lasagna, this pasta casserole achieves the identical objective. It comforts with pasta, cheese and sauce (with non-obligatory meat) whereas feeding a crowd. This straightforward recipe makes use of complete wheat ziti and natural substances. It additionally has options for including veggies like spinach, broccoli rabe, mushrooms or peas.

mormon funeral potatoes, casserole
At funerals or celebrations, Mormon Funeral Pototoes are a favourite to dig into. (Picture: fanfo/Shutterstock)

Funeral potatoes: The Mormons adopted all of the consolation meals guidelines once they created this dish. Potatoes, cheese, butter, creamy soups and a crunchy topping of cornflakes or potato chips are the frequent substances. This explicit recipe offers options for substituting a number of the substances like utilizing a do-it-yourself canned cream soup substitute or decrease fats cheeses and bitter cream. The more healthy choices add a bit time to the preparation.

Meatballs in a big pot
Meatless meatballs can by very convincing in each their look and their style. (Picture: Robyn Mackenzie/Shutterstock

Meatless Meatballs: A big pot of meatballs is a comforting approach to feed a crowd. Embody some lengthy, sliced rolls and provolone cheese, and they are often made into sandwiches. This explicit meatball recipe makes use of finely chopped mushrooms as a substitute of beef, mixed with conventional meatball substances. You will wish to inform everybody there are mushrooms in these, although, in case anybody has a mushroom allergy.

Lentil and Orzo Pasta Salad
Give friends a pasta salad that is filled with vitamin, not bottled Italian dressing. (Picture:Enrique Gili)

Lentil and Orzo Pasta Salad: Chilly pasta salad is one other frequent dish when crowds are gathered, however usually it is merely cooked pasta drowned in bottled Italian dressing. This pasta salad is nutritious and filling, with powerhouse lentils, delicate orzo, thinly sliced veggies, feta and a do-it-yourself dressing. The recipe makes eight servings, however it may be doubled or tripled simply.

apple pie
Apple pie covers all events, together with funerals, potlucks, new infants and new neighbors. (Picture: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock)

Apple pie: Much less sugar and do-it-yourself crust (as a substitute of store-bought with preservatives and different pointless substances) is what makes this pie recipe a bit more healthy. Choosing the proper apples can be key, so nobody will discover rather less added sugar.


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